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Will Some of Our Refugees Freeze to Death this Winter?
October 3, 2003

Cold Weather Already Closing In

Every year, refugees and homeless people in China freeze to death.

Without access to proper shelter or warm clothing they face difficult days and even harder nights unprotected from the harsh weather. This is a particular problem in northern China, where many North Korean refugees go to hide.

When this 13 year old boy was arrested, the guards took his shoes away.

That night, The temperature dropped to -20 Centigrade (-4 F), and he lost all ten toes to frostbite.

The North Korean refugees currently under our protection have no resources. Without the money to buy their own clothes, they face an uncertain future in the hard weather ahead.

We supply the refugees with Chinese clothes so that the police cannot identify them by their North Korean garments.

Since funds are scarce, many are still wearing the lightweight summer clothes we provided them earlier this year.

They very well may freeze to death between now and next spring. The bitter cold is already setting in.

This is a typical shelter where refugees from North Korea hide from Chinese authorities. The hut accommodates 4 to 5 people. Our group (LFNKR) supplied the plastic sheets.

Our organization faces the task of supplying 300 sets of winter clothing for these people, but we have a problem. LFNKR is not a large group, and we, unlike nearly every other NGO, have no political or religious affiliations.

This independence from other groups allows us the freedom to set our policies without being swayed by outside interests.

But this same independence means that we cannot draw upon the resources of a parent organization. All money we spend on the refugees comes from the pockets of our own members, or donations from private parties.

This year, for the first time, we are inviting donations from our friends around the world to help us fulfill this mission.

Because if we do not, some of our refugees may not be alive next spring.

One set of winter clothing costs an average of $22 (US). That includes boots and heavy outer garments that can protect from temperatures that drop to as low as -20 to -35 Centigrade (-4 to -31 F). There is no luxury here, no second set, or change of clothing. No dress-up clothes. It is purely survival.

Eating is also subsistence level. Five dollars US will provide 10 kilograms of rice, which will feed one person for three or four weeks. Again, no luxury. Every meal, rice. Every day, rice. No variety in the menu, and there is no such thing as desert in a diet like theirs.

So we need your help. Your donation will go a very long way.

Our goal is to help each refugee make it to a free land where they can live in safety.

But before they can make it to freedom, they must make it through the winter.

Will you help us help our refugees?

This mother and daughter left their hometown in North Korea, and went to China searching for food. They found very little. This little girl has lost her sight from malnutrition.

Donating Only Takes a Minute or Two
Just Click a Button
Every $5 You Donate*
  will purchase 10 kilograms (22 pounds) of rice and enable one refugee to eat for another three weeks.
Every $20 You Donate...
  will provide an emergency medical kit for a family of North Korean refugees.Only your heart can decide how much impact you will have on these lives.
And Every $100 You Donate...
  will buy five sets of warm clothing to keep five NK refugees warm through China's bitterly cold winter months. Some of the refugees are children, and a more generous donation will provide warmth for more of them.

Our NGO has developed its own local networks, through which we distribute food and clothing to North Korean refugees. We are also working for international recognition of their rights as refugees.

To make a donation, simply click on the appropriate button and fill in the information requested. You will receive an email receipt verifying your donation within a few minutes.

*  Since LFNKR is a legally authorized non-profit organization in Japan, your donation may qualify as a tax deductible expense under your country's tax laws (be sure to consult your own tax advisor for more specific information).


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