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An American Letter to
Japan's Foreign Ministry

February 1, 2004

Internet writer Resa Kirkland, of Idaho in the USA, recently sent the following letter to the Foreign Ministry of Japan.

Ms. Kirkland kindly gave us permission to publish a copy here for your reference.

Dear Ms. Kawaguchi,

I am an American, who is deeply involved in Military History, and in particular, the ongoing 50 year Korean War. I believe the regime of Kim Jong Il must be brought down, and the much abused people of North Korea helped in any way possible. That brings me to the topic at hand.

I was angry to learn about the young Japanese man Takayuki Noguchi who was arrested on Dec. 10 last year along with two North Korean defectors he was trying to help. He was doing a right and good thing...he should be held as a hero, not a prisoner! This is outrageous!

I write for several American daily internet newspapers, and I will indeed be writing about this atrocity! I expect you to do the right thing and get this man and the two North Koreans--who only want freedom and have suffered enough due to that Dictator Kim!--out of prison and in front of the people, that we might hear unabated the horrors of Kim and his need for removal.

Japan should be proud of a man of such raw courage. He is indeed a warrior, and I am sickened at his treatment! Japan should not rest until he is home with the defectors! You must raise such a furor that China will bow to it. If we do not defend men such as Noguchi, we are cowards, and not worthy of life. He is a hero, and Japan must treat him as such.

It is your obligation, if you be a warrior and not a coward, to expedite this matter. These are real human lives...lives of great courage and integrity. These are people we need here on earth, but they will not be with us if we do nothing now. All it takes for such good and decent men to fail is for other good men to do nothing. Which are you, Ms. Kawaguchi?

As for me and my house, we support Mr. Noguchi! Free him at is your duty.

Resa LaRu Kirkland, AMERICA'S WAR CHICK, can be read at World Net Daily, Etherzone, Mens News Daily, Military Magazine, and