Excerpts from the eBook
Are They Telling the Truth?
Brutality Beyond Belief

Female Prisoners in Detention Settlement
Witnessed by Mr. Jyok Ahn, former detention settlement prisoner


Girls in the settlement, whether they are single or from a family, normally become the sexual toys of security officers. Their complexion is less rough than other prisoners. They often spend hours in the security office in the evenings and, in return, get some food or easy work the next day. The girls want to get special favors from senior officers. If a security officer complains that his legs feel cold, female prisoners often volunteer to hold his legs to their bosom in an effort to get a special favor.

The young female prisoners are often sexually aggressive. The male prisoners who accept to be their sexual partners risk severe punishment but get better meals or additional food from the girls because they work in kitchen and food warehouses. Once, I asked a fellow prisoner, “What if she becomes pregnant and her pregnancy is discovered months later?” He instantly replied, “I am worried about right now. Why should I worry about what happens months later?”

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